New EP? You got it.


Dispatch: Victor Omega Charlie – Alpha One Three


Greetings from the Exosphere.


Your friendly neighborhood ska band is currently in orbit aboard our own X1 with important updates for Earth.


As you know, the single most important election in the history of human kind is fast approaching and while this signals eminent doom for many of you The VoC will be hiding safely aboard our brand new Space Recording Station — the first of it’s kind. Oh, don’t worry about us we’ve taken every precaution and spared no expense.


While we hideout for the election (and possibly the end of days) we plan to lay down somemike new songs on our state of the art tape recorders. Then, through the magic of technology, we will employ the latest computer software and a robot known as A.N.D.Y to convert these sounds to computer data.


That’s right! Before we say goodbye to the planet we’ve come to love so much we will release one final homage to the great times we had living among you.




Then it’s off to Betelgeuse.


We will share photos to mark this momentous occasion and, as soon as the EP is ready for your precious ears, we will blast it down from Outer Space! Pretty cool, huh?


There’s more: In addition to our usual antics we have a very exciting surprise for Halloween(or Samhain for our pagan friends across the pond)!


So, stay close to your computing machines and your smart telephones for what may very well likely be one of the best apocalypses of your whole life!


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